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Laboratories for Innovation

CPESN USA is a nationwide network of nearly 50 community-based pharmacy networks focused on enhanced pharmacy services.  CPESN Networks use the Pharmacist eCare Plan for clinical integration and quality reporting.
Community Pharmacy Foundation is supporting "super-utilizer" groups of pharmacies who establish best practices in care planning and the efficient use and documentation within nearly a dozen pharmacy management and clinical documentation systems.
NCPDP is the preeminent ANSI accredited standards organization for pharmacy.    Work Group 10 Professional Pharmacy Services supports the pharmacist's individual and collaborative planning, delivery, documentation, and quality assessment of patient care services through the development and distribution of standards.  This Work Group is charged with harmonizing the Pharmacist electronic Care Plan with HL7.
The Office of the National Coordinator for HIT (ONC) High Impact Pilot program supported the first real world demonstration of the Pharmacist electronic Care Plan.  Community Care of North Carolina to worked closely with the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative to finalize specifications and implement data sharing between community pharmacies and CCNC for payment and coordination with primary care and care management services for Medicare and Medicaid receipients across the state.   Working with Lantana consulting group, the original implementation guide was created and disseminated.
The first testing ground for use of the Pharmacist electronic Care Plan as a means to adjudicate and reimburse for services was implemented as part of the Health Care Innovation Award Round 2 program.   Community pharmacies in North Carolina were paid based on their submission of electronic care plans.   Those transactions were checked for quality and edited, akin to the same process that occurs when transacting claims for pharmacy reimbursement for medications.  Over 30,000 care plans were sent electronically and adjudicated for payment.

Founded in 1987, Health Level Seven International (HL7) is a not-for-profit, ANSI-accredited standards developing organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information that supports clinical practice and the management, delivery and evaluation of health services. HL7 is supported by more than 1,600 members from over 50 countries, including 500+ corporate members representing healthcare providers, government stakeholders, payers, pharmaceutical companies, vendors/suppliers, and consulting firms.  The "Pharmacist Care Plan" is an HL7 standard.

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