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Lack of Interoperability

Destroys Patient Care Services Workflow

Successful Practice Implementation and Billing for pharmacist-driven "Clinical" or "Care Management" services is impossible without native clinical or care plan workflows. 

Pharmacists cannot successfully engage, intervene, or follow-up with patients when having to use multiple software systems with multiple workflows and multiple patient empanelments.  Essential to the success of the pharmacist is the ability to utilize their chosen clinical documentation system(s) that can interact with multiple care team members and multiple payers using technologies that meets their workflow, practice site, and population needs - serving all of the patients in their practice.

Interoperability Allows for

Choice of System & Consistent Workflow

Pharmacy-Workflow Image 2.png

Whether you are a pharmacist in a community-based pharmacy, a primary care clinic, long-term care facility, in the patient's home, or staffing a call center, maintaining a consistent workflow across all of your patients improves the economy and quality of practice that has been heretofore impossible to achieve.   Interoperability makes choice of system and workflow possible.

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